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06May, 2011

Country Crow – Sheryl Crow Sets Roots in Nashville

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49 Year old Cheryl Crow has had a long successful career as one of the great indie rock stars of our generation.  Her music, while categorized by most as “Indie Rock” has always been somewhat of a hodgepodge with influences, including country, pop, folk and hip hop.  Her move from LA to a ranch in Nashville in the last 5 years seems to have deepened her country music influence.  Crow is working on a country music album that will have a definite country music feel to it.   Crow says that her increased involvement in country music is nothing new.  “ Some of my greatest songs always had some country in them” Says crow.  If you listen  to the lyrics in songs such as ‘Hard to Make a Stand’ or ‘If it Makes You Happy’  you’ll realize that their pretty much straightforward country lyrics”.  “The only thing missing is the fiddle”, She said.  Crow’s deepening involvement in country music was boosted by the great responses to her performance with Miranda Lambert and Loretta Lynn in the Annual Country Music Awards, singing Lynn’s classic ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’.


Crow promises her new album will have a classic country style.  “The album will be more old-fashioned than it will be new country”.  She says, “That's the kind of country music I really love — the old-fashioned Jimmie Rodgers, Carter Family, Loretta Lynn kind of country music.   Crow is currently on tour throughout the US, and will join Kid Rock for a joint tour this summer.  As always you can trust SeatKarma for your tickets to Cheryl Crow’s concerts.

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