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25Mar, 2011

Dancing with the Stars, or Slamming in the Ring?

Published by Ohad Nezer at 2:51 PM under Sports

WWE hall of famer and 29 times champion Chris Jerico put quite a show on Monday’s debut episode of Dancing with the Stars.  Jerico who was paired with the lovely Chryl Burke,  was definitely able to carry his weight on the dance floor,  utilizing the same confidence and showmanship that has made him a legendary WWE wrestler.


The casting of Jerico  to the show may prove mutually beneficial for both the Dancing With The Stars and the WWE.  Jerico, who has a very large fan base, may help the show tap into a new audience of professional wrestling enthusiasts.  On the other hand, Dancing With The Stars may contribute to WWE ticket sales.  We will keep track WWE tickets prices to see if there is indeed an effect.  You can check all available WWE tickets here


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