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08Apr, 2011

Family Friendly Broadway Shows

Published by Ohad Nezer at 1:26 AM under Broadway Shows

Visiting New York City with a family can sometime be a bit of a challenge.  The hustle and bustle of this amazingly vibrant city can be sometimes overwhelming for younger children.  It can also be quite stressful for the parents who need to constantly keep their children in sight among the hordes of people walking on the streets and in the subway stations. 
Luckily, New York, being a cultural Mecca, boasts hundreds of live entertainment options.   Both on and off Broadway are numerous theaters that could entrain any family!  Here are some recommendations of shows for different families:


Families with toddlers

The Lion King is a great choice for any family with young children.   The animal theme, along with the beautiful costumes and stage setup will get them excited from the first second!  The dancers frequently go off the stage and dance between the isles, which is always a thrill for the kids.  The captivating music builds on many of the hits in the original movie,   so kids can often hum along the tunes.  The show is usually sold out well in advance, so get your tickets early.  You can search for tickets to the lion king here.


Families with pre-teens

Wicked – the untold story of the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz has is Broadway’s most successful show for a good reason!  The tight storyline and excellent music are a hit with the audience.  The show is very entertaining for children who often get swept away with the story and are sitting at the edge of their seat until the end.  The show is quite long though (2 Hours and 45 Minutes), so it is probably not a good choice for families with younger children.  Again, the box office tickets sell out months in advance, but you can always search for your Wicked tickets here.

Billy Elliot, the Musical – The story of the young boys struggle to fulfill his dream of being a dancer, is another highly entertaining musical.  The mesmerizing music written by Sir. Elton John, along with the fabulous dance routines performed by the casts of 50 dancers will have kids smiling throughout this long (2 hours and 45 minutes) show.  The musical is rich with funny and witty scenes that will be enjoyed by the adults in the family as well.  The length of the performance along with some strong language used make this show non-suitable for younger children, buy kids over the age of 8 will have a great time!

Billy Elliot Tickets.

Families with Teenagers

Blue Man Group - Teenagers are a tougher crowd, that’s not as easy to satisfy.  However – The Blue Man Group’s show will likely do the trick!  This off Broadway performance brings together unique sound and visual elements to create an original theatrical performance the impacts all senses.   The show includes quite a few comic bits as well, so the experience blends in amusement and laughter.  Teenagers love this shows unique ‘out of this world’ feel, and the oddness of the 3 blue colored bald headed characters.
Blue Man Group Tickets


Fun for all ages

Mary Poppins - Any child or teenager can hum along to the catchy and memorable tunes of Mary Poppins.  Just a spoonful of sugar is all one needs to enjoy this great production!  The set comes to life as fantasy mixes in with reality – no one can resist dreaming about having a Mary Poppins of their own to snap their dirty piles away!  Children of all ages can agree on this production.  Adults enjoy the nostalgia of supercalifragilistic songs sung by brilliant and talented actors, on a beautiful set with perfect costumes!

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