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27Mar, 2011

Butler Makes ANOTHER Improbable Run

Published by Chris Wan at 7:00 AM under Sports

At what point does a team stop being an underdog because they are smaller, supposedly less athletic, or otherwise naturally disadvantaged?  The answer - when they WIN!  While Butler's current run at the national championship at some time seemed improbable, it is not altogether surprising.  But how could this be after a regular season that left much to be desired?

The key differentiating factor, especially at the collegiate level, for almost any championship team is the will to win. Success only helps this will to grow.  In the championship game last year, when Gordon Hayward's last second desperation shot bounced off the backboard, then the rim, and finally fell out - the undeterred desire to win a national championship was firmly seeded in the hearts and minds of Butler's returning players.

And now, Butler has punched their ticket to the Final Four in Houston.  Their path to this most desirable opportunity has included a narrow 2 point victory over Old Dominion, knocking off number one-seeded Pittsburgh (by 1 point), a convincing win over Wisconsin, and most recently an overtime triumph over a solid Florida team.  After such an impressive start, only two more wins stand in the way of Butler seizing the championship that elluded them in the final seconds last year.

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